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  • The Self Mastery Journal- Volume 1  is built around a critical 28 day cycle. Powerful for the establishment of your New crystaline neural circuits coming on line.

  • Mandala coloring can shift perceptions, bring about insights, release emotional scars, clear confused minds, and enliven DNA codes to activate your Divine body blueprint for physical healing. Sit comfortably at a table in a quiet setting.

  • Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this approach. It requires you to get familiar a process of the internal dialogue between geaometric forms and your DNA.

  • Throughout the journal are prompts designed to create a track that will lead you to deeper introspection and your naturally intuitive wisdom.


  • This 28 day Journal is designed to provide sufficient practice for you to develop a strong sense of your contact with  your natural inner inspirational guidance team.  It consists of a combination of free association writing sessions, regular self-questioning, and creative drawing. If you will Trust yourself and be prepared to approach it with a sense of play and enthusiasm you will be surprised at your progress. This Journal has led to some profound discoveries for many.

  • Instructions for use of the Journal are clearly provided in the Journal itself.

  • Print out on A4 paper then cut in half to make a Journal of manageable size.

  • It is advisable to print out only a few pages at first as you may require more of some page designs than others.


Please Note: Once you have purchased this eBook, you will be emailed a downloadable file ready to use straight away. Due to the nature of the product no refunds are available. You are permitted to copy this file to share but strictly for non-profit.

Mandalas: A Self Healing Journey. - Journal: Volume 2

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