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spiritual mentoring

With nicky hamId

Personal mentorship

Personal mentorship

Normally one 60-90 minute session is sufficient to open doors significantly for you to go away with a revived sense of your own direction and sense of Mastery. Perhaps another session in a month or so when and if you feel it is necessary. There is enough in my regular Facebook posting for you to make great strides in your ongoing self-empowerment journey.

Booking a session

Booking a session

We arrange a free flowing FB Message or Skype meeting via email at wherever you are in the world.

Preferred times are 7-10am, 2-6pm or 7- 9pm (NZ time) any day of the week. When contacting just give me a couple of your preferred dates and time (NZ)



Here is the time in NZ  for you to calculate the time difference with your time. Often we will be shown a day ahead of you.





While a common fee for such services is around U$100-$120 per hour, there is NO SET FEE here.

In New  Zealand we call it "Koha", a Māori word meaning “gift”. A gift of whatever you wish to offer,  in a loving open exchange. It can be, money, your time or anything else you think that the recipient can use or appreciate.

You can make a  cash Donation here after  our session time has been confirmed by email.


Pay Below 

Is mentoring for you?

is mentoring with Nicky for YOU?

The real teacher/healer is within you. It is your own God-connected Soul that knows what it needs and I can can help open that way. So I ask you to step into your divine mystery, listen, and trust your own inner wisdom.

To decide whether I can help you I suggest to you to simply become still and listen inside to your own body (not your mind but your body) as you reflect upon these four things you will sense/know in your heart and soul what is right for you at this time.


1. Do you sense the need for spiritual assistance to help jump-start or remove a block in your life ? Self-healing and spiritual transformation is an inner journey and a process of change the success of which is determined by your commitment to YOU.​ If you are drawn to consult with me, one session usually be enough to slingshot you forward.​

2. Is there is a kind of “buzzy excitement” or a feeling of “Yes, I seem to already know these things he is speaking of”, or if it feels familiar in an odd way, these are signs of truth recognised in your own being?


3. Do you engage a little with my passion. Watch or listen to a video, read the testimonials or a couple of my Blogs or Facebook posts. Do I come from a place of superior knowing or put myself on a “guru pedestal” you can’t reach, except by the wave of my hand? Or do I show graciousness, humility, and a sense of great joy and inspiration in helping to shine the Light on your Life and find joy in your own and other's successes?


4. I can really only help YOU to remove the "blinds spots" that stand in the way of your sensing and coming to know the shining light of well-being that is already inside waiting your Homecoming. 

No matter who you are or what you are experiencing, I BELIEVE IN YOU, and your capacity for wholeness. I have seen so many come from the 'shadows' to Know their own Shine.


I do teach but more I am an awakener. And if you book a session with me we become partners in an ancient human dance. It is the New Dance of the spiralling generations, in which those from the "future" empower the young with their experience and the young empower those having travelled longer with the Truth of New Life.


May our deliberate mentorship raise us both up to new heights of KNOWING.

What peole are saying

What people are saying

I would like to let you know Nicky just how beautiful your words of wisdom and messages of remembering are to me. Often I have found many answers of my questions through your posts that you share with all of us. What I find most amazing is that you seem to give me the exact words I have been hearing my own heart say to me in your messages. Sometimes I am working through a process of feeling the love I am and will read the very words that day you posted as if you had written them for me specifically. Although i realize that we are all remembering and that this message is being presented for many I just feel so much gratitude for your willingness to be bold and share with us all. I also would like to say thank you for my Skype sessions with you when we have worked specifically on my own view point of the collective remembering. You have brought about the love in me and helped me by just being ever so present in allowing me to see myself more clearly with eyes of love. You really are a professor of love. The love that we are all just beginning to remember we are and have always been. Thank you so very much.

– Becky, USA.

Immense inspiration and deep expansion of my heart.

- Lianne, New Zealand

For me, your sharing is confirmation that a much higher dimension of living is present right now and your expressions are so often synchronistic. Your energy shifts my energy to a higher level of awareness and love.

– Rain, USA.

I've had the great honor, pleasure and opportunity to Skype with Nicky Hamid on a few occasions as well as view and read his treasured posts. I without a doubt consider myself someone who is truly loving and kind and compassion and works with daily intention to come from this place with my thoughts words and deeds although many times I get stuck, lost or simply forget how, especially being a single mom and just being human in general. Nicky's post's always show up ( usually out of nowhere as I never go to his page ) right on time and with a wisdom, humor and grace of one who truly knows and has traveled this journey of realizing one self.
His eyes sparkle with childlike wonder and playfulness and his words go directly to the heart ( of the matter too ) always.
I am so eternally grateful for his presence and gentle loving kindness and always with a twist of his playfulness and humor that I'd guaranteed to bring me right back to center.

- Sharyn USA

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