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Transformational Books

Ascension Reminder Series


  • One who will not let you down.

  • One who sits beside you and reminds you of the best of you when you forget.

  • One who Inspires you.

  • One who always helps you to feel better when things have been tough.



Paperback & Kindle

Coming soon (December 2023)

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Paperback & Kindle

How can you delete the deep programming from being put down, marginalised, and disempowered for most of your life?
Beautiful Human is a practical guide for you to permanently reverse all this.

Based on the authors 50+ years of teaching psychology and spiritual mentoring around the world, 
Beautiful Human addresses something we all


face when we consciously decide to take the journey within to really know ourselves.

Paperback & Kindle

Humanity Rising Shortread Book Series

This book PLUS TWO Others
in the Series.


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Paperback & Kindle

Other titles

Quantum Self Healing outlines a revolutionary method for healing and transformation. It is simplicity itself and the author, through his vision, and years of working with people creating and generating personal mandalas brings you a modality whereby you can simply and instantaneously connect with your new DNA and build a resonance with your cellular memory


and thus make changes physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually towards balance and wellness.

Paperback & Kindle

A monumental transformation is taking place in the consciousness of all humankind. "All You Can Be" describes how we are experiencing this deep rooted revolution in the very nature of ourselves and our reality. It outlines the widespread symptoms of this transformation and the extraordinary new potential for growth in awareness and creative expression. Nicky gives many simple


practical tools that will aide the reader in their transition.

Paperback & Kindle

It is so common today to think of the issue of our existence to be complex and this complexity of life stifles us. Life is nowhere near as complex as we would make it and it is the purpose of the book to guide the seeker to a more simple and balanced way to view, and to handle their lives.

The view expressed here is that every experience in everyday life has meaning,

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 8.18.26 pm.png

especially with regards to the nature of men and women as they find themselves at the present time.

Kindle format

These times since December 2012 are all about the choice we are each having to make about whether to continue to live in the old paradigm of fear and drama, of whether to take our own power and choose our own higher calling.
This book is based on readings focusing on the liberation of self in these times. They are powerful reminders of things that are forgotten and are critical to personal awakening. 



Paperback & Kindle

Coming soon


Kindle format

The series of essays was designed to help those fairly new to broaden view of their life and their spirituality, to navigate themselves towards a fuller richer understand of themselves. It provides simple clues to everyones inner power to change towards a happier and more fulfilling life.


Kindle format

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