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" I AM Nicky. Sovereign Soul Being and Love Incarnate."

Nicky ascended (Descended)  in 1984 with a full awakening of his kundalini. It took him 6 month to bring full realisation of Soul Being properly back into his body, with constant 24/7 application tof clear present focus  of self back from a no "mental" mind state while at the same time teaching University classes.

As young boy he was mentored in the ancient mystical schools by Masters of the Great Council (known then as "The Great White Brotherhood"). 

As a Descended Master his mission has been one of empowering others to live more fully from their own knowing of Universal Principles and to Ground that reality of their Loving, joyful, playful and creative Beingness Here and Now. 


He is passionately and totally in Love with HUmanity. "Everywhere I look I see the capacity of the human spirit to withstand the passionless, impersonal system human had created. The courage of people facing days of stress, drudgery and boredom,  with aching bodies and hearts, and yet pulling themselves up to confront and make the best of it, is simply awe inspiring.

Deep within the collective consciousness of humanity a decision has been made that “enough is enough” and I see so many people waking up to their own power.

Even the masses know that this is not the way things should be though they are confused about how to change their reality."

Growing up in NZ Nicky was inspired and exposed to comparative religion from an early age by his deeply read Theosophist mother who was his friend and mentor.

He is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairgnostic, and has been  schooled in both Eastern and Western Mystical traditions all his life by teachers who were not in embodiment. He has never attended the workshop of another but has always been shown, through total trust in life experiences, through people who came to him of help, and through Divine Guidance.

The underlying theme with all he does is with the “touch of love”."I am passionate about self empowerment and your finding your own connectedness to Creation and to the Source of All That Is.  I have Known since childhood that there would come a time for everyone to wake from their dream of forgetting who they are.The time is at last here and NOW."


Obtaining a PhD in Psychology in record time Nicky taught at University for 40 years, having written over 100 international research papers, while maintaining a therapy and counselling practice at the same time.
He specialised in Self Awareness, Human Potential and Social Psychology.
He has conducted workshops, `seminars, and Retreats in NZ, Australia, UK, USA, India, Hong Kong and China.

"The more I know myself.
The less I can define who I am.
I am a different flavour in different circumstances. 
And I enjoy all my flavours.
But none of them define me.   
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