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In this meditation Nicky takes you into tyourPeaceand the depth of your own Heart. Into the black hole of the Eye of God that You ARE.  
There you sit in the Holy Sanctuary of your own Being gaining access to all the records (Akash) of Knowing that you have available to you.
He then brings you back through your cellular nature into 3D with a fresh and expanded knowing of More of Who You Truly are.
This is a high energy journey imbued with activation codes.
You will feel it working on you for some time after each immersion.

Helpful Hint:
Listen to and watch the visuals on your first deep dive.
Then listen the second and subsequent immersions withj your eyes closed so that you will experience your own unique versions of the journey. And So It IS.

Please Note: Once you have purchased this video, you will be emailed a downloadable zipfile ready to use straight away. Simply double click on it and it will open the video file (Mp4) to view. Due to the nature of the product no refunds are available. 

Deep Heart Immersion Meditation

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