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From the Heart of Nicky Hamid 
Professor of Happiness

of L  ve

I am Dr. Nicky Hamid.

Dubbed by my students and colleagues as “The Professor of Happiness”.
The purpose of this website is to EMPOWER YOU.

Empower you to discover more of your Lovingness, more of who YOU ARE.

It is the purpose I was born to. And so I offer my Touch of Love to you through this GLOBAL MISSION OF LOVE.
My sole intent for your visit here, is that you find something that inspires you to uncover more of the Magnificent Being You ARE.
Thankyou for being here. You contribute and really count no matter how short your stay.


What you'll find inside

Happiness Blog

 This blog is about how to negotiate the consciousness changes in ourselves and the world in these chaotic timers.

Based on my current week’s most popular Posting

Coming soon

Inspirational Books

Transformational print and Kindle books available through Amazon.
I write to help you find your own way through stuck points in your life with simple, eternal truths, ideas, tools and exercises that really work.

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Spiritual Mentorship

I offer private mentoring sessions through Skype or FB Messages where I guarantee you will leave the call feeling happier and more empowered than when you began. My clarity of sight is based my listening to your own “Soul Being” and its purpose for you.


Digital Media  

Various media products including Self-Mastery Journals, eBooks, Audios, and Videos. All of which have been proven to affect people significantly to make positive shifts in their lives.

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